Its always a good thing to step away from your practice and get out of the studio. I visited the Side Gallery at Red Hill in Brisbane for the last day of Printmaker Kay Watanabe’s exhibtion ‘Resonance”.

I was fortuante enought to meet and talk with Kay about her work, even better… I was able to purchase a small print for my personal art collection. See pic on the right.

I sold my etching press a longtime ago because I let it sit, was a bit povo and needed the money (was a mistake given how much a press costs theses days) and was more often than not making prints by hand. Some of the pieces in this exhibition created during the pandemic and were hand pressed due to a lack of an etching press and Kay being unable to travel to a printmaking studio. I love working with constraints in my own practice and even though I have another etching press, I still like to use a baron  or a spoon to rub out a print as I feel I am more connected to the work.

From the Side Gallery Site: “Resonance is a collection of the latest original fine art prints created by Brisbane-based visual artist Kay Watanabe. The collection is themed around Kay’s interest in environmental issues and her belief that humanity and nature are not separate and that their fates influence each other”.

I describe myself as a ceramic and mixed media artist who uses walking as a research methodology to inform practice. Kay’s work ‘resonated’ (see what I did there 🙂 with me, as her work describes her connection to nature. My latest body of work is called ‘Changing Terrain‘, and embodies my own innate connection to nature through visual mapping of landscape and my use of colour.

I am joining Kay in June for a collagraph workshop at Impress Printmakers and I am keen to re-explore these aspects of my printmaking practice and develop some new creative insights.

You can seem more of Kays work here.