Peradventure Habitat


Guthrie’s 2022 exhibit at The Hub Gallery for Emerging Artists, part of the Caboolture Regional Gallery, “Peradventure Habitat” delves into the intricate interplay of materiality, combining the tactile sensations of ceramics with the complex textures of textiles. This body of work is an ode to the natural world, crafted from my deep-seated appreciation for the environment and aimed at fostering a sense of belonging within my new community. Each piece serves as both a reflection of and a homage to our fundamental connection to the environment, with the meticulously stitched weavings transcending mere decoration to become embodiments of connection—physical manifestations that bind us to the landscapes we treasure.

Opting for clay and fabric, I draw on their inherent qualities, symbolising a bridge between the revered traditions of craftsmanship and the immediacy of our contemporary existence. These materials, steeped in the concept of materiality, act as conduits for both historical resonance and current relevance, embedding the artwork within a narrative of place and temporality. Through the amalgamation of these mediums, the artists aim is to spark contemplation, inviting viewers to explore their relationship with nature and their role within the community. “Peradventure Habitat” is therefore more than a mere artistic expression; it is a dialogue—a dialogue that intricately weaves together the realms of art, the natural world, and our ongoing interaction with them, all while nurturing a sense of place within her newfound community.

Ceramic pot with colours of natural landscape
Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Vessel Scupture
Ceramic Sculptures 3 vessels