Arcadian Apertures

A poetic intersection between architecture and the natural world

Conceptual Underpinnings

Ceramic pot with colours of natural landscape

Attending Arcadia II 2023. Finalist in Queensland Regional Art Award. Emerging Artist Highly Commended Award.

Attending Arcadia II 2023 (Back)
Arcadian Facade (Front)
Arcadian Facade (Back)
Ceramic Sculpture

Passage #1

Ceramic Vessel Scupture
Passage #2
Arcadian Oculus. Grouping #1
Ceramic pot
Arcadian Occulus. Grouping #2
Attending Arcadia (Front). 
Ceramic pot
Attending Arcadia (Back)


All Photography by Tony Webdale, 2023.

Vessel # 12

Ceramic pot
Vessels #13 & 14

Vessel #15

All Photography by Tony Webdale, 2023.