Anna Guthrie 

Artist Statement

Anna Guthrie is a ceramic and mixed media artist from Meanjin, in Queensland Australia, whose practice draws upon her rich experience as a walking artist. Her work explores the interplay between walking, experience, and artistic expression, using walking as both a contextual and conceptual framework for her continuing exploration of practice-led research. Delving into themes of place, identity, and memory, Anna investigates natural and urban spaces within their cultural contexts. By weaving her personal encounters and reflections into her art, she offers viewers a unique perspective on the landscape, inviting them to form a deeper connection with the natural and built environment.

Art zines and artist books are integral to Anna’s creative process, providing a conceptual and contextual mechanism to explore and resolve ideas that inform her artworks. She uses these altered book forms to delve deeper into themes of narrative, identity, and other influences, ensuring they become a significant part of her artistic process. Each body of work is completed with a zine that resolves the series, adding another layer of artistic expression and offering audiences a tangible insight into her exploration.

“In her most recent ‘Arcadian Apertures’ series, inspired by Richard Le Plastrier’s architectural designs, Anna uses zines to explore ideas surrounding urban and natural spaces, which expand her practice. Her ceramics transcend their medium, becoming embodiments of place and identity through their architectural narratives. With each piece, she challenges the viewer to consider the profound impact of architectural design on our physical movements and emotional states

Ceramic Vessel with Mapping



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