This is #3 post for today about my excursions away from my studio.

The third stop for today was to The Side Gallery in Redhill to see the works of Gaye Jurisich in her exhibition of abstract paintings titled “Public Place, Private Thoughts”.

This is the second time I have visited the Side Gallery in as many weeks (see my post of Kay Watanabe’s exhibition of prints), and I was pleased to be returning so soon to such a wonderfully intimate gallery in Brisbane.

My friends and I turned up at 10am only to discover we came on the wrong day. It didnt matter as we were welcomed in to see the work just a little bit earlier than most!

In this collection, Jurisich’ work delves into abstracted narratives, showcasing a captivating blend of artistic elements that provoke both thought and emotion. The artist was able to produce depth to her paintings and a great balance in the shapes and marks she uses in the paintings. I was quite engaged with the work and my frineds and I had a lively discussion about what worked so well in her paintings.

I love the artist’s use of colour and found a pleasing connection as I’m also drawn to these earthy colours in the surface decoration of my latest body of work; beautiful ochres, blues, greens and yellows. I am so drawn to this pallette, and when used in combination with her gestural marks, I am surpised at how the work makes me feel.

Clearly we we early to the exhibition, so you have plenty of time. Check out the exhibition here.