Day 9

Prompt: “The other part of music is silence”

I guess the silence part is about intentional absence, as a piece of music rests between notes, ceramics (in my perspective), too have their moments of intential absence. Maybe this is about how a vessel is more than the curves or the glaze that I make… is it about the empty space it cradles, or the void its supposed to hold?

I think that it’s the absence, that silence is as important to the piece as the clay is. I thinks it’s important to embrace the pause, like Maa in movies. It’s that the silence is just an absence of noise, it’s the purpose in the pause.

Others in the writing group wrote about the silence being the time that you step away from the work, let it rest and come back to it later…sort of letting it rest for a while and then seeing what comes of it. I do this in my practice, letting work sit for a while until I feel ready to move forward with it.¬†This pause lends gravity to the work, tension, anticipation and resolution I think.

In ceramics, the spaces I leave untouched are also pauses, the voids and hollows, the gaps. I’ve been told this is where the viewers imagination is ignited. It’s an unfolding narrative, stories are told and retold and they change with every observer.

So, does silence speak? It does to me, especially the space inbetween the noise made in creation. A vase might be beautiful, but so is the emptyness its walls surround. The void speaks of potential, of flowers it might hold, of the light it might catch, of the hands it might pass through. Is it about sculpting our work with intention (yesterdays prompt of deliberacy?), with as much care and intention as we do with our tangible matters.

The silent interludes = profound stories being told.