Day 2:  The prompt: What holds up my work?

What holds up my work? Umm,  it’s a maelstrom of thoughts, a dance of shadow and light. On one hand, there’s the weight of inspiration, the art exhibitions, moments captured in their purest form, a sensory overload. Each piece, every scrape or twisted form, is a bit like a conversation, as if I am reaching out and laying a piece of my soul bare for others to see. They settle, these experiences, deep within, waiting for their turn to emerge in clay or colour.

Books, too, are a fortress of sorts. Each page, a realm of thoughts, feeds into this reservoir of imagination. Not always directly, not always immediately, but they’re always there, shaping, guiding, influencing. The simple act of reading, sometimes, is like soaking up the world’s hues and patterns, letting them seep into my being.

Then, there’s the simple art of observation. This life, I guess, in all its mundane and sometimes chaotic glory, offers stories, tales waiting to be plucked and moulded like my clay. Sometimes, it’s not even a tangible form, but a mere essence, a fleeting emotion, a subtle undertone.

There are anchors of sorts here too though. Procrastination wraps around like a heavy chain, making me leave things until tomorrow and as my nan would say to me, tomorrow is never here, get on with it! Always tomorrow. At times, doubt, with its icy fingers, grips tight, questioning every move, every choice. It’s a such a sly voice that’s ever-present, challenging the authenticity of my expressions.

Then there are the distractions, they masquerade as urgent calls of the now, diverting focus, scattering thoughts like leaves in the wind. The pull is real and sometimes, the lure of anything but the task at hand becomes overwhelming. I really do dislike social media. It’s so nasty, the biggest of distractions, and I know it what it does to me and my practice. social media holds up my work for sure.

It’s a landscape of chaos, yes. But I think its the very essence of creativity isnt it? A melding of chaos and clarity, of conviction and apprehension. This delicate dance, though tumultuous, is what births art. So, in essence, everything holds up my work. Every experience, every thought, every pause — they all add layers, depth, and form to what emerges from my hands and heart.

End of Day 2