In my practice, I find myself endlessly drawn to the interstices between ceramics and architecture, a space where the organic and the constructed harmoniously collide and converse. It’s a liminal space, where the raw essence of earthen materials meshes with the deliberate, calculated geometry of architectural design. It’s this inquiry, this multifaceted dialogue between two seemingly disparate worlds, that has been the focal point of my recent conceptual work.

Ceramics, with their earth-bound resonance, plasticity, and its tactile fluidity, serve as a metaphor for the unadulterated beauty and inherent vulnerability of the natural environments I inhabit.

I’m captivated by the transformation of malleable clay into definitive forms, and how there is an echo of my traversing into and through natural landscapes. The clay, constantly moulded by my unseen hands, capturing a moment in time. The tactile allure of ceramics allows me to traverse the textured terrains of my creations, to maybe feel the earth reverberating a quiet message. A bit deep I know, but that’s how it feels to me.

The architectural elements embedded within my work reflect my human imprint, deliberate lines, and angles, defining our constructed environments.

Architecture, in its essence, serves as a bridge, a connective tissue linking humanity with the enveloping embrace of nature. I believe it serves as evidence of our deep-rooted yearning for connection, and to locate our purpose within the complex web of existence.

The juxtaposition of ceramics and architectural motifs in my work is a deliberate endeavour to spark a dialogue about the harmonic and discordant interactions between the organic and the industrial, the transient and the eternal. I’ve pondered this extensively in my Arcadian Apertures ceramic body of work. for me, it’s when earthy textures meets a geometric lens, creating a visual symbol of the constant interaction between tradition and modernity, roughness, and elegance. I break down and rebuild construction and nature elements to show how landscapes turn into buildings. My work is a quiet exploration of the connections between the environment and architecture. It makes me think about the balance between structure and disorder, and how materials and spaces can come together in new ways.

Every artwork I make I try to instil with purpose, perhaps reflecting how design choices affect how we connect with space and nature. The way I arrange elements in my art, mirrors how architectural choices shape our connection with the environment.

My journey through ceramics and architecture is a continual exploration of harmonies and conflicts, a search to uncover the subtle symmetries and inherent resonances between our constructed realities and the boundless expressions of the natural world. It is my pursuit of some sort of balance, questions to be answered. I’m searching for the resonating echoes within the silent conversations between the earth and the edifice, shaping a narrative that explores the visual poetry of convergence.