Here you will find a Zine that I made to document the work I created for my Uni research project Changing Terrain – Deception Bay, in late 2022, early 2023.

I love a good Zine. I’v always made them as part of my arts practice. Sometimes they have been political, sometimes they were / are photographic essays and whatever I’m in the mood for. I used to write for a living and it’s still important to me to have an outlet to get words down.

I will post more of these in the future as they are a great way to express my thoughts and opinions and they are a welcome tool in my practice for building creativity and ideas.

My Zines are not meant to be free of spelling mistakes, they are usually untidy and full of stuff one could pick holes in. They are my way of dealing with questions in my arts practice, and keepsakes for the resources I accumulate during the creation of a body of work.

Lastly, in the spirit of a good anarchy / punkĀ  Zine, if you don’t like it…eff off (that’s a Zine joke in case you get offended.)

Changing Terrain Zine is the copyright of Artist Anna Guthrie 2023 and may not be reproduced or distributed with the expressed permission of the artist.