This is the second post for today about my excursions away from my studio. 

The second stop for today was to Lethbridge Gallery in Paddington to see the fine art drawings of artist Summer Aldis in her exhibition titled “A Thread of Silver”

Aldis’ work is very beautiful and a testament to her technical abilities and her consistent practice as a visual artist.

When I think about my own beginnings as a visual artist a gazillion years ago now, I was so focused on being a skilled artist in terms of being able to produce hyper realistic work. I was too hard on myself and my abilities at that early stage in my life and I wish that I had been more patient with myself, and perhaps I may have eventually produced drawings to the same standard as Summers. I am sure there is still time 🙂 

I spoke with Summer at Lethbride today and she provided a back story to her work as an artist that resonated with my own journey into a life long arts practice.

After exploring various academic paths, Summer took a leap of faith and embraced her calling for a career as an artist, where she has earned recognition and successes along the way. Summer explained she made the bold decision to defer her studies in education and to give her artistic passion a chance to flourish as a career path. Her leap of faith paid off as she won the prestigious Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award in June 2021, solidifying her professional shift towards the fine arts.

Summer is self-taught artist with a focus on connection and mental health. Her preferred medium, graphite, allows her to intricately capture the essence of her subjects. Through her art, Summer explores themes of human connection and mental health, bringing a depth of emotion and understanding to her work.

I enjoyed seeing her body of work “A Thread of Silver”, and learning her story. Summers work in on exhbition at Lethbridge from 17th of March to the 4th of April.